Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bitrix Site Manager Business (Source code)

Bitrix Site Manager Business (FULL Source code)

Name: Bitrix Site Manager Business (Source code)
Version: 8.0.3
Year of the output: 2009
Developers: 1С-Bitrix
Language of the interface:English, Russian, английский, русский

System requirements: PHP 4.1.2 and above
Apache 1.3 and above or MS IIS 5.0 and above MySQL 4.0.18 and above

1С-Bitrix: Management site - a Business - a technological central to development of the modern site.

Bitrix Site Manager Business (FULL Source code)

More, than internet-shop. Increase the possibility of your site: control sale goods, services, electronic content, automate processing the orders, integrate the shop with 1С, support the partner's networks, measure costs on advertisment, create the community and a great deal another.

* control the structure and contents of the site;
* edit the texts in HTML-editor;
* publish to news, press-release;
* create the hierarchical catalogues goods and services;
* distribute the right of the access of the groups of the users;
* control showing the advertisment on put;
* value efficiency of the expenseses on advertising campaigns;
* analyse the statistics of the visit and efficiency of the functioning(working) the site;
* control the forum;
* support the list of the sending out;
* conduct questioning the visitors of the site;
* organize functioning(working) the automatic service techsupport;
* translate the interface of the product on the other languages and a great deal another.

Key of the type SM8-NA-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX where X - any numeral or title english letter.

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